Invest in the Rescue

In the business world shareholders get a share of company profits but in our world “shareholders” receive something which we feel is of far greater value, good news about children’s lives being transformed.
Research has shown us that supporters like to be kept informed briefly and regularly and so that’s exactly what we do. From as little as £5 per month (less than a cup of coffee each week) you can receive regular emails, photos and even video clips from our projects. These show you how you are helping to transform the lives of street kids in Ethiopia. Communicating electronically means we don’t incur administration costs (but if you prefer a paper copy we are happy to facilitate that).
In either case we’ll ensure that you feel connected to the progress of the project and feel a part of the ongoing life transformation.

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Abatu (extreme left and above). These two photos were taken 4 days apart!

Abatu (extreme left and above). These two photos were taken 4 days apart!

It’s difficult for us to comprehend the brutal reality facing hundreds of children in the town of Shashemene, Ethiopia. Night after night, children as young as seven or eight have no choice but to sleep on the streets. Every child has their own story, each one as desperate as the next. Some have been trafficked, others orphaned and some have families too poor to feed them. Our desire is to rescue as many of these children as possible and provide for their physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs.

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We bring them to our Tesfa Manoriya Bota centre where our professional team show them God’s love. They invest time getting to know the children and assessing their individual needs. For some, reunification is possible – we reunify them with their biological families (either immediate or extended). We then continue to help support the family to ensure that the children are well looked after, and can get an education. We ensure that they have every chance of a better future while living with their family. For others, they will need to stay (-or ‘the best option is for them to stay..’) in our care until they are old enough to become self-supporting adults. Whether they live in our centre, or in one of the community homes that we set up, our specially trained carers will replicate the love of a family unit.

So, whatever is required, we are committed to providing it and we will be delighted to share the unfolding stories with all our “Shareholders”.