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Rescuing Street Kids and giving them Hope.

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Invest in the Rescue

Join our Shareholders scheme by supporting us monthly and you'll get regular updates on the progress of the kids we rescue.

From £5 per month

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Reunite & Support

Our ONE to ONE child sponsorship scheme uniquely allows you to directly support a reunited Street Kid's future.

From £20 per month

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Make your passion count

 Whether it's baking or biking, craft shows or concerts - whatever your passions, you can use them to make a real impact! 

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More ways to get involved

 Get involved as a church, school, or just you and your friends. You can get educated, fund-raise or even go out to Ethiopia and see for yourself! 

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Debiyso's Story.

Debiyso didn't own a pair of shoes, he didn't know where his next meal was coming from, he didn't know where he would  sleep at night - he didn't even know his age!

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