Tesfa Manoriya Bota

(Hope Home)

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Our “Tesfa Manoriya Bota” or Hope Home is a wonderful facility which can house around 25 children at any one time. We work with the local government to identify the street kids in greatest need and enrol them into our centre. These boys have had a horrendous life and we are thrilled to be able to provide them with a safe, loving, caring home environment where they can feel secure. Not having to wonder where the next meal will come from is new territory for these lads, as indeed is sleeping in a proper bed.
All the boys will have their own bed and they will be sharing a room with friends who they have been on the streets with. We also provide showering facilities and a full medical check up.

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Our carefully selected staff team spend a lot of time with the boys and we have specially trained psychologists and counsellors assessing each individual child. Over the coming months we will develop an individual care plan for each child to ensure we give them the best opportunity to enjoy their childhood and prepare them to be well equipped young men before embarking on adult life.
Children can be on the streets for a variety of reasons including, poverty, as a result of child trafficking or simply because they are orphans with no one to care for them. Wherever possible we try to re-unite the children with family or even extended family. In these cases we continue to support the child once they are reunified by providing for their education and assisting their family with some income generation initiatives. For others however, there may be no family and so in these cases the children will transfer to one of our “community homes”. With God’s help we believe that the life of every single child we rescue can be completely transformed.

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