Our Vision

Rescuing street kids and giving them hope

There are over 1000 boys, some as young as six years of age, living 24/7 on the streets of Shashemene, Ethiopia. Some are orphans, others are there as the result of trafficking, or extreme poverty.
Our mission begins with rescuing them from the streets, giving them shelter and safety. Next, we set about finding the best long-term solution for each individual – we know that these children have their own stories, circumstances and individual needs that must be met, so we spend time working out the best step for each child as we move forward with them.

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In the “Tesfa Manoriya Bota” centre our highly trained staff team gradually and gently uncover the reasons why each child has been living on the street. If it’s in the child’s best interest we will firstly try to reunite them with any biological family, however far away they might be. Where no family can be found, we allow friendship groups to develop in our rescue centre and then create a new “family”. In time this “family” (typically of around six to eight children) then move out to a “community home” complete with our specially trained house parents. Here they can enjoy a more normal childhood.

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We aim to provide for the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of all of the children we come into contact with. Our intention is to help each child realise they are loved by God and help them to achieve their full potential, enjoying a regained childhood, being well equipped for adult life and making a positive contribution to their local community and country.

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Core Values

CHILD-FOCUSED - We believe all children should have the opportunity to mature and develop to reach their full potential.

ACCEPTANCE - While Hope365 is guided and inspired by the teaching and life of Jesus it cares for all children equally regardless of ethnicity, religion or social status.

COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE - We seek to be known for the quality of our care for children and the integrity of our communications and relationships with the children, staff, local authorities and supporters.

FAMILY CENTRED - We believe in the nurturing power of the family and wherever possible try to re-unite children with their biological families. Where this isn’t possible we re-create as far as possible, family style homes for the children.

PARTNERSHIP - We endeavour to forge good working relationships with local government, community groups, churches and other NGO’s for the benefit of the children.