Make A Kids Christmas 


We’re excited to offer you the chance of giving a Christmas present which we can guarantee will be genuinely appreciated. 

You can either “Kit out a Kid” or buy “A bed for a boy”

a bed for a boy email pic.jpg

“A bed for a boy”

We are offering folk the chance to help buy a bed for one of the reunited former Street Kids. Can you imagine how comfortable a proper bed would feel  after having slept on the streets or in the drains? For £20 we will post you out one of our attractive gift cards. Inside it reads:

“This year I thought you’d like to make a Street Kid like Jemal’s dreams come true! Instead of sleeping on the street you’ve helped provide him with a lovely comfy bed that he will enjoy the whole year through”

“Kit out a Kid”

We have also designed attractive personalised gift cards relating to the individual boys who have been rescued by Hope365. You can buy these for just £10 and we will post them to you so you can give them to friends or family and they will know that the former Street Kid will receive a complete set of clothes, comprising Tee Shirt, trousers, shoes, socks and underwear on their behalf. Inside the cards read: “Saying as you have loads of clothes and stuff I thought this year for Christmas you’d like to share with a Street Kid in Ethiopia. You’ve given him all these clothes”. Then signed off with the individual child’s name.

We think either of these are gifts which people will really appreciate as they will will make such a HUGE difference to the boys in Ethiopia. Please specify what type of cards you require in the message section.