Helping Street kids every day of the year

At Hope365 we have seen the desperate plight faced by over 1000 kids who live on the streets of Shashemene, Ethiopia. Through no fault of their own these young children, many of them as young as nine or ten years of age, have no beds to sleep in and no one to care for them.

They're forced to sleep in doorways, drains or even on the street every day of every year. Some have been orphaned, some are victims of divorce and poverty and others have been trafficked from different towns with the false promise of "finding work" (sadly this often results in modern day childhood slavery).

Our desire is to help as many of these children as possible in one of two main ways: we can either reunite them with their biological families (if appropriate) or provide them with a longer term caring home environment. Our Hope homes will help these children to re-integrate into a healthier life and our ultimate hope is that they will grow to fulfil their God-given potential as they live in a loving, secure environment where they can receive all the physical, psychological, educational and emotional support they require.

We're currently trying to establish a new centre to care for 60 of these children. It may not sound like many but for each of the 60 it will be a life-transforming event. Find out how you can help here.