Debiyso doesn't even know his age - all he knows is that his mum is dead and that he has a brother who, like him, lives on the street.

We came to know him when one of our workers saw him on the street standing barefoot, and gave him a sticky bun from a cafe. He'd literally never tasted anything like it in his life!

Our worker bonded with him and helped him to start his own "business": a cardboard box tied around his neck with string, containing packets of tissues, chewing gum and sweets. Debiyso now tries to sell some goods to make enough money to afford waste food from a hotel.

At night, he sleeps in the drains at the side of the road. If he survives the night without being "disturbed" then he awakes to do exactly the same thing again the next day. When asked what his dream was, the boy endearingly replied "to go to school and help build big buildings".

We want to help him fulfill his dream one day. First, though, he needs a home, a bed, food and some clothes... maybe another sticky bun!

Will you help us to help him and other children like him?