Regular supporters are crucial to Hope365. Because we care so much about sharing we refer to our regular supporters as shareholders. In business, shareholders get a share of the profits of the organisation - and while our shareholders don’t benefit financially
from their investment, they do receive something which we feel is of far greater value - satisfaction from the sight of children’s lives being transformed.

We'll deliver that satisfaction to you by sending you regular emails, photos and occasional videos relating to a particular project or group of children your financial support is contributing to.

The full amount of your money goes directly to our work in Ethiopia. If you want, you can opt out of our email subscription at any time by sending us an email with the subject "Hope365 Newsletter Opt-out" using the form below.

Just click on one of the donate boxes below and select a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment plan. Alternatively, you can choose to give any amount of money you wish!

Where does my money go?

You can cancel your direct debit at any time by going directly to your bank or by sending us an email with the form below, telling us the name and email address you used when you set up the direct debit donation. We guarantee we will cancel your donation subscription within 3 working days.

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