Helping Street Kids 365 days a Year

At Hope365 we have seen the desperate plight faced by over 1000 kids who live on the streets of Shashemene, Ethiopia. Through no fault of their own these young children, many of them as young as eight years of age, have no beds to sleep in and no one to care for them.

They're forced to sleep in doorways, drains or even on the street, every day of every year. Some have been orphaned, some are victims of divorce and poverty and others have been trafficked from different towns with the false promise of "finding work" (sadly this often results in modern day childhood slavery).

Our "Tesfa Manoriya Bota" centre is a life-changing place for Street Kids. We enrol children, in association with the relevant local Government departments, with our goal being to provide these children with a great family home and a chance to fulfil their God given potential.  Our high calibre, professional team assess whether it would be in the best interests of the children to try and re-unify them with extended family, or perhaps to place them in the care of specially trained foster parents. Where neither of these options are available the children will then stay with us in one of our loving family homes. Whatever the solution we ensure that all the children's physical, psychological, educational and spiritual needs are met, and that they are given the chance to have their childhood back, and in due course, are prepared for independent adult living. For more information on our project see "where we work" section of this site.


A Song of Hope

Northern Ireland singer-songwriter Wes Grierson’s poignant song “So much more than Christmas Day” gives us a glimpse into the struggles of the street children of Shashemene.